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Panasonic sensor

2021/12/4 11:04:38



The MAX8860 low-noise, low-dropout linear regulator operates from a +2.5V to +6.5V input and is guaranteed to deliver 300mA. Typical output noise for this device is 60μVRMS, and typical dropout is 105mV at
200mA. In addition to the six available preset output voltages (+1.8V, +2.5V, +2.77V, +2.82V, +3.0V, and +3.3V), the Dual Mode™ feature allows the device to be configured as an adjustable output regulator from
+1.25V to +6.5V.
Designed with an internal P-channel MOSFET pass transistor, the MAX8860 has a low 120μA supply current. An output fault-detection circuit indicates loss of regulation. Other features include a 10nA, logic-controlled shutdown mode, short-circuit and thermal-shutdown protection, and reverse battery protection. The MAX8860 is available in a miniature 8-pin μMAX package.

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