Pietra Calacatta



1. Miniature Size
Designed in the low profile at mounting height 5.8mm.
(SMT mounting straight type)
(For DIP type, the mounting height is to 5.3mm to the
straight and 3.6mm at the right angle)
2. Multi-contact
The double row type achieves the multi-contact up to 40
contacts, and secures 30% higher density in the mounting
area, compared with the single row type.
3. Correspond to Automatic Mounting
The header provides the grade with the vacuum absorption
area, and secures automatic mounting by the embossed
tape packaging.
In addition, the tube packaging can be selected.
4. Integral Basic Function Despite Miniature Size
The header is designed in a scoop-proof box structure, and
completely prevents mis-insertion.
In addition, the surface mounting (SMT) header is equipped
with the metal fitting to prevent solder peeling.
Note PC, mobile terminal, miniature type business equipment,
and other various consumer equipment, including video

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